A Revolution In Teaching Children With ADHD/ADD 

Learn in A Bubble - Ignore The Trouble

The System

Bubbles offers a ‘Learning Space’ allowing ADHD/ADD-students of primary and lower secondary schools to increase attention levels. The system facilitates a ‘one-towards-many’ communication service within active noise cancelling headphones. This creates a silenced Learning Bubble. Noise occurring during class will no longer trigger loss of focus. 

The pupils in need are encapsulated in their Learning Bubbles with their teacher.

What is required from the school?

Requirements for the next level in ADHD/ADD education: 
● Admission to network 
● Power 
● At least one Windows 10 device with hotspot enabled 
● Laptop or smartphone for every pupil connected 
● The Bubbles system 

Bubbles I/S

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