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Why we created "The Bubble of Learning"

Danish school children
With ADHD or ADD
Primary school graduation exams
Half of ADHD children dump
2 out of 3 receive no education

Attention Deficit Disorder and Learning Difficulties are growing problems. In Denmark alone in 2019 28.200 students of primary and lower secondary schools suffered from ADHD or ADD. More than 50 percent of these students left lower secondary school with an average mark of E (ECTS). 

Children suffering from ADHD or ADD have difficulty maintaining focus in the classroom. Mostly, this loss of focus is triggered by noise. We have studied students of different age and gender in these environments, and have concluded that their level of distractedness was immensely reduced, when using our headphones. Furthermore, the affected children were no longer contributing to the noisy environment of the classroom. Also, we concluded that noisy environments are the primary cause of attention loss. 

Bubbles now introduces a reliable technology, which eliminates excessive noise. 

How about you?
Do you have a relation to a child suffering from a mental disorder?
Do you work within the educational system?
Has anyone in your network experienced problems with noisy environments?

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